Grand Lake Family YMCA

Grove, OK

Membership and Rates

The YMCA is a membership organization and is at its strongest when no one sits on the sidelines. It is only through committed members that the YMCA is able to offer the Grand Lake Community a facility, programs and services to help develop the spirit, mind, and bodies of our community.

You can help the Grand Lake Family YMCA strengthen the foundations of the Grand Lake Community by becoming a YMCA member today. To become a YMCA member, please stop by the YMCA Welcome Center to complete a membership application.

Rates Effective January 1, 2016

 Type  Joiner Fee  Monthly Fee
 Youth (0-17 years)  $20  $21
 Young Adult (19-24 years)  $20  $35
 Adult (25-61 years)  $40  $39
 Senior (62 years +)  $20  $35
 Multi-Person Household  $60  $46


20/20 Member Referral Program FAQ


What is the 20/20 Member referral Program?

The 20/20 Member Referral Program is a way for you to build a community of your friends at the Y. When you refer a friend to the Y (your referral buddy), both you and your friend receive 20% off of your monthly membership fee. This limited time offer is available from July 1- 31, 2019.

What is a referral buddy?

A referral buddy is the person who is enrolled in the 20/20 Member Referral program with you because:

            ● He or she joined the Y because of your referral.

            ● You joined the Y because of his or her referral.

What if I already have a discount applied to my monthly membership fee?

You are welcome to refer new friends to the Y, however, you may not combine the 20/20 Member Referral discount with any other membership rate discount, including discounts through employer group rates or any other membership rate discounts. The 20% discount associated with the 20/20 member referral Program is applied to membership types at their full rate. However, if your current discount is less than 20% off monthly membership dues, you can choose to participate in the 20/20 Member Referral Program instead.

How long is my 20% discount good?

As long as your referral buddy (the member that you refer or who referred you) remains an active member in good standing, you will receive your 20% monthly discount rate.

Can I refer more than one person?

Get a free membership if you have 5 referrals, all members must stay current for this to apply.

What if my referral buddy cancels their membership?

If your referral buddy cancels his or her membership, you will have 30 days to find a new referral buddy. If you do not find a new referral buddy within the 30 days, then your monthly membership rate will resume at the full-rate for your membership type.

How long do I need to be a member before I can refer someone?

After 30 days of active membership you may refer friends through the Member Referral Program.