Grand Lake Family YMCA

Grove, OK

Hours of Operations

Monday-Thursday: 6 am-8 pm
Friday: 6 am-7 pm
Saturday: 8 am-3 pm

Sunday: CLOSED

Security cameras are in use during this time.

24 Hours!
*To activate your card for 24-hour access you must come into the YMCA to fill out the 24-Hour Waiver and Rules form. Your card will only be activated if this form is read and signed at the desk. Until your card is activated, you will only have access to regular staffed hours.

24-hour access must be 18 and above, 14-17 must be accompanied by an adult. Not available for guest or silver sneaker membership.

*Memberships will be terminated if 24-hour policies are not followed*

Locker rooms

You will have access to the locker rooms.  It is recommended you bring a lock while you are using the facility. Locks must be removed upon your departure unless you rent a locker. 


Available Areas

After YMCA Staff leaves the building, 24-hour access will be granted to the Fitness Center and locker rooms only.  The upstairs and downstairs fitness classrooms are not available for use during the 24-hour access times.


Safety and Security

The YMCA has installed a 24-hour video recording system for security purposes. Please note that this system will not protect you from harm in or on the building premises. Please use caution when entering and leaving the building. An emergency-only telephone has been placed on the Welcome Center counter in case of an emergency. The YMCA’s address and emergency phone numbers are posted near phones for easy access. In the event of an emergency, immediately dial 911.


Because physical exercise can be strenuous and subject to the risk of serious injury, the Tri-State Family YMCA urges you to obtain a physical examination from a doctor before using any exercise equipment or participating in any activity. You agree that if you engage in any physical exercise or activity, or use any YMCA amenity on the premises, you do so entirely at your own risk. You agree that you are voluntarily participating in the use of this facility and assume all risks of injury, illness, or death. The Tri-State Family YMCA is also not responsible for any loss of your personal property. 


Snow removal will not be enforced until staffed hours of operation. Members with 24-hour access can utilize the Weight Room, but at their own risk from the elements. 


Scan Cards  

Grand Lake Family YMCA members 18 years or older wanting 24-hour access will be required to have their own scan card for entry into the YMCA during non-business hours, including same family members. 


Each Individual must scan in as a separate entry. Multiple entries (members or non-members) on the same scan card will be regarded as theft of membership and will result in the termination of all involved. The 24-hour access door can only be opened by the use of your personal member scan card(that has been activated), and will only open 24-hour access doors during non-staffed hours. During Y staffed hours the same card will be used on the indoor scanner located on the Y desk.


You must access the facility at the front desk during regular staffed hours. Should you need a replacement scan card, you can purchase one at the front desk for $5. 


Inclement Weather Policy

In case of inclement weather please call the Grand Lake Family YMCA to see if we are open. You can also visit our Facebook page for updates. The Fitness & Silver Sneakers classes may or may not be held depending on instructors' ability to get to the Y. Call 918-786-5774 to find out our status.

Holiday Closings (24-hour access members only on these days)

New Year's Eve - Closed
New Year's Day - Closed
Easter – Closed
Memorial Day - Closed
July 4 - Closed
Labor Day - Closed
Day Before Thanksgiving - Close at 5:00 p.m
Thanksgiving - Closed.
Christmas Eve - Closed
Christmas - Closed