the Y

Grand Lake Family YMCA

Grove, OK

Membership and Rates

The YMCA is a membership organization and is at its strongest when no one sits on the sidelines. It is only through committed members that the YMCA is able to offer the Grand Lake Community a facility, programs and services to help develop the spirit, mind, and bodies of our community.

You can help the Grand Lake Family YMCA strengthen the foundations of the Grand Lake Community by becoming a YMCA member today. To become a YMCA member, please stop by the YMCA Welcome Center to complete a membership application.

Rates Effective January 1, 2016

Youth (0-17 years)

  • $20 joiner fee
  • $21 per month

Young Adult (19-24 years)

  • $20 joiner fee
  • $35 per month

Adult (25-61 years)

  • $40 joiner fee
  • $39 per month

Senior (62 years +)

  • $20 joiner fee
  • $35 per month

Multi-Person Household

  • $60 joiner fee
  • $46 per month